About Jennings Family Law

Court is not the only option when you separate. In fact, going to court should be the option of last resort. When going through a separation and divorce, you need a lawyer who can assist you in determining a settlement that meets your needs while keeps the family resources where they are needed the most – with you.

The choice of a family law lawyer is important and necessary for everyone going through a separation and divorce. The family law lawyer’s role is to educate, provide legal advice, and if necessary, advocate on behalf of their client. With a sound knowledge of the legal principles for separation and divorce, practical advice from a knowledgeable family lawyer, and a willingness to compromise when required and necessary, there is no need to step foot into the courthouse.

You will be making decisions that will affect you and your family legally, financially, and for a long time to come. The decisions are ultimately yours, but get proper advice to assist in your making them.

We have helped people for over 15 years in British Columbia and Alberta in resolving their legal issues on separation with dignity, with respect, fairly, and out of the court room. Our approach is to educate and empower our clients to make their own decisions in a way that promotes settlement and saves on resources. We can help you in the same way.

With offices in Victoria and Calgary, We are accepting suitable clients in Victoria and Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and Southern Alberta.
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