Dane T. Tousignant

Dane T. TousignantDane is a family lawyer who is committed to helping families survive separation and divorce. He brings a broad-perspective and solution-focused approach to helping his clients preserve their assets, relationships, and peace of mind.

Most legal disputes are impersonal affairs where there is only one winner. Family law is different. When litigants are family members their interests are often linked. Litigation is paid for by the same money that is being fought over, and the litigants will often have a relationship with each other long after the legal matters are concluded. The pains of separation and the fight-or-flight instinct can cloud these consideration, dominate family litigation, and hurt the long-term interests of everyone involved.

Dane recognizes that people want to save their hard-earned money and shelter their children from the emotional fallout of a separation, and that sometimes they need help getting there. His background includes work in mediation, crisis counseling, and criminal prosecution.

Dane's practice is to empower his clients to make the right decisions for themselves and for their children. His experience as a criminal prosecutor translates to an aptitude for litigation, but as a trained mediator and crisis counselor he strives to resolve matters outside of the courtroom whenever possible.

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